Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amber Sweeney

This is my friend Amber Sweeney, an amazing musician and person. I've known Amber for a while and it has been awesome to see her musical journey progress over the last few years. I really enjoy trying to capture someone's personality with a photograph and its beautiful when it comes out right like in these images :] Her music is very soulful, bluesy, and uplifting. You should all check her out for sure! ambersweeney.com/


  1. Hey Aaron,
    I'd like to contact Amber regarding our interest in doing an interview with her and Bethany for our Christian newspaper. Would you be so kind and forward her my email address? It's mirka@livinglightnews.org
    Thanks so much.
    By the way, the pictures are fantastic - good job!

  2. hey aaron i am huge fan of amber sweeney she is amazing singer. I wrote only one lyric in my life and i want to forward to her because only she can compose this lyric if you can send my email to her, i greatful to you .