Sunday, November 2, 2008

north carolina

Sorry for the delay.. 2 months is a long time not to post :] still figuring out this blogging thing.. Hopefully i won't have another stint this long without a post. So anyways... back in september I was privileged to get to go to north carolina with Enation where they performed a concert on the tv show One Tree Hill with my sister in law Joy Galeotti (she plays a lead character on One Tree Hill) and the very talented Amber Sweeney. It was a really fun experience and it will air on the CW on Nov. 10th Enation also has a brand new album comming out tomorrow!! Nov. 3rd called "World In Flight" All the images on the album were shot by me and post process was done by four5one, so definitely check that out.. Enation played at a USO concert for the One Tree Hill episode they were on. Here are a few photos from them at the show and at a pratice space.

This is Enation's manager Ryan Shrout.


  1. Great Photos Aaron!! Thank you for sharing them...

  2. I so want to be with the band now:) They are going to absolutely treasure these and they are lucky to have you to capture this journey. Keep posting! K

  3. Just found you through Amy Wenzel's Blog. I really like those last couple shots with the big stage lights. That is awesome that you did their CD, I'll check it out. I watched the USO tour show and loved it!

  4. I am so jealous you went to the USO show for One Tree Hill. Joy is such a great actress! Love your pictures. I am really getting into photography.

    I will hopefully be at the restaurant opening the 25th! I am so excited!!!