Saturday, April 4, 2009

the Rock

Last month I think my friend Richard (rock) asked me to do a shoot with him for his new website. It was a lot of fun we went to sauvie island and did some beach shots some corn field shots and then some studio at my friend Kathy's. thanks Kathy :) I've known Richard for about 10 years hes a great friend, excellent actor and amazing drummer in the band Enation. So here are a few shots from that day.. I'll post more latter.


  1. Bummed to miss Wild Branches today..sick peeps in the house. We would have loved to see the both of you. I love these shots of Richard and I am sure he is happy as well. I can't believe the band's good fortune, having an in-house photographer to travel with them now:) Keep up the incredible work and keep finding the joy:) K

  2. These are captivating and soulful photos, you did a fantastic job on these! Enation's music is truly powerful.