Thursday, June 25, 2009

photo outing

There some amazing about hanging out with a bunch of photographers who just want to grow and learn spend all day creating. No fear just fun :) Kathy organized this outing to help us grow in our passion. Thank you Kathy! It was a great day and environment and i got to share it with Andre, Bianca, Amy, Tasha, and of course Kathy. And they all are good looking which made them great models ;) Thank you guys for a great day and environment to be in.

Kathy doing her thing... sharing her passion of photography. Looks like she preaching.. in a way she is :)

It's not all fun and games thou.. Sometimes Kathy's angry side comes out.. This is her "Learn how to use a camera.. I"ll KILL you!!" Face ;) haha..

love this shot! happieness just exudes from her soul!


  1. Yes, I am crying. This post makes me so happy I want to shout at the top of a roof..."I'm HAPPY!" Thanks for the day, the post and above all...YOU!

  2. i had yet to see her angry side...

    whoa! CALM DOWN KATHY! .... ;)

    love the last's a genuine representative of Ms. Carlisle's soul - no definitely know how to capture the good stuff Aaron :)

  3. This is awesome Aaron! Thanks for this post and for loving photography as much as's the best right? Hope your summer is kickin some arse! See you soon! p.s. are you housesitting while the fam is in Alaska?